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Teeth darken with age and are discolored by various foods and drinks. A beautiful and sparkling smile is part of your charm. Whitening is carried out by pre-prepared soft silicone splints and a special gel that is placed in them. You wear the splints at a time convenient for you – usually at night. The procedure lasts 10-15 days, and the result lasts for years. It can be repeated after 1-2 years. There is also a method for express teeth whitening in clinical conditions using a lamp. The result is visible immediately, but remains short-lived.

Teeth whitening procedure

Professional teeth whitening offers some significant benefits, including:

Fast results.

Over the counter whitening methods tend to be much slower (and produce less dramatic results) than professional whitening.

Gets rid of deep-set stains.

Our treatments penetrate the tooth enamel to break up even stains that have been present for many years.

Brighter Smile.

Yellow, stained teeth are often associated with old age. Also, bright teeth can draw attention away from signs of aging on other parts of the face.

Teeth whitening is very safe for the vast majority of patients.

Dentissimo Aesthetic Walk-in Process

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