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Aesthetic or cosmetic dentistry is the type of dentistry doesn’t only beautify teeth but also your gums and/or bite. It’s specifically used to improve your mouth shape and smile quality that can even extend all the way towards improvement of the function of the teeth in terms of its bite form and force. However, it’s the type of dental work that’s mostly preoccupied with the improvement of your teeth’s appearance and not necessarily its functionality, as in the case of teeth whitening.

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Through the methods and means of cosmetic dentistry, the smile is restored and changed, which restores your self-esteem and confidence. A smile is your face to the world, it makes you more attractive and radiant to the people around you. Changes to the smile can be made by slight corrections: the color – by whitening, the shape – by bonding – placed on photopolymer and enamelplasty or by prosthetic methods such as: porcelain/zirconium veneers and ceramic crowns. A beautiful smile captivates, so smile now!

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