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All-ceramic crowns are a modern solution for the need to restore severely damaged or fractured teeth. Extremely biocompatible with surrounding tissues. They do not irritate the gum and do not cause it to recede, they do not cause the unpleasant dark purple coloring of the gum to the edge of the crown, as metal-ceramic crowns do. The absence of metal minimizes the possibility of developing unwanted allergies and feeling a metallic taste in the mouth. All-ceramic crowns represent the most modern, aesthetic and biotolerant crown choice you can make.

All-Ceramic Crowns Procedure

The all-ceramic dental crown procedure is similar to the traditional crown procedure. It usually takes place across two appointments. The process begins when we prepare the tooth to receive the crown, which usually involves filing away some enamel so the tooth fits well beneath its restoration. After the tooth is ready, we take impressions and images of it. Then, the patient wears a temporary crown while the permanent one is being designed and fabricated.

After a laboratory creates the permanent crown, the patient comes to our office for a second appointment, wherein we verify the crown’s fit before we attach it to its designated tooth.

Ceramic Crowns

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